Review | Mafia 2

It doesn't happen often that I have to turn 180 degrees between a Preview and a Review of a game. But in case of Mafia 2 I must do this turn... My ending phrase was: the daddy of Mobsters is back. Well yeah, Mafia 2 is great but it ain't the daddy ! Not that GTA has this crown in hand, but to put it plain simple: Mafia 2 is way too short to keep that crown in the locker of 2K !
The story that has been created is good. And very Mafia like. The caracters are worked out splendedly. The voice acting is great. The graphics are good but not over the top. The missions are diferse, like in the beginning that you play in the army outside Empire Bay. And after that you have the winter time. Conclusion: Mafia 2 does that where the original Mafia was good at. Down-side: It only lasts for 15 chapters. Which stands for 15 missions. That is bloody short, that isn't even the length of Grand Theft Auto 3 ! Gametrailers says 10 hours of gameplay... As said in my Preview I hoped that Mafia 2 was also going to be a gray played game in my collection. But it ain't. It has no replay value what so ever. You maybe play it twice to find all the posters of wanted men and to find all the playmate magazines. But that's it !
Don't get me wrong Mafia 2 is good, not to say great. But to spend my money on this title ? No. It has DLC like any other title now a days. But it has no free-roam like the original had. It has no Multiplayer as well. So after the main story there is nothing left. The game doesn't explain key features: like how to rob a store. I saw snooker tables but couldn't use them. I hope this ain't a title which depends on DLC. It should have been more like GTA on this point a great story line in the main game. And then DLC to add more weapons / cars and to reflect on the story from a different perspective. The only point in Mafia 2 that does this is between the original Mafia and Mafia 2. And that was a moment I liked very much. And which I would like to have seen a couple of times in this Mafia game.

27/08: PC.PS3.X360 | 2K Games, 2K Czech