Preview | Mafia 2
Mafia 2 will release itself at the end of this month. Since 1 week you can play the demo of this 2nd installment from the italian mobsters: Mafia ! In this demo you play a shorter version of a mission where you need to kill some fat mister in a wine company. I must say pretty awsome. And also in the typical Mafia style. Still curious what the full version will be. But I guess with 2K we can be sure it will be good (as far as Mafia goes). I must say the first one was completely grey when it lefted my PC. So I hope this next part will do the same.
Different then Grand Theft Auto. Maybe a bit more straight to the point. But the story is bigger and has more impact on you then in Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row. The daddy of mobsters is back...

27/08: PC.PS3.X360 | 2K Games, 2K Czech