Review | L.A. Noire

This game was already quite long on my list to review. But I had other titles in front of it. So with them out of the way it was time for this title... This game has been released on the consoles since: may 2011. And since november 2011 the PC gamers can enjoy the game with them. Co-developer Rockstar Leeds makes sure that the PC version isn't just a simple port (known for there work in the GTA Stories franchise). All the downloadable content is brought together in one casing for the PC.

You play as detective Cole Phelps. You will go from one police unit to an other. In total you have 5 units with 29 cases among them in total. Personally I am with unit 4 now: Ad Vice, these people are like Miami Vice only then in the 1940's L.A. instead of the modern 1980 / 1990's era.

The investigating part of the game, which drives the whole game basicly is quite hard to master. The motion capturing that is used for this game is real nice. Even better then the MAFIA franchise, where it was already good. This makes it both nice to watch and easy to verdict people. But it makes it harder as well, because sometimes people are hard to pin down on there thought etc. This is one big negative thing in this game. You really need to get the interviewin' right otherwise you will be punished. At the start of the game this isn't that bad. You will get a B-side to solve the case anyway. But the further you go in the game, the harder it gets. I even have suspects I still get wrong. You must have a natural eye for it. Because the game doesn't explain it self on this point.

Overall the game is pretty diverse. You have street cases (40 of them), who are diverted into follow the criminals by car or by foot, or to talk a suicide man away from the edge of a building. You also have hidden cars and outfits to grab. And you have the sight seeing which comes in pretty handy halfway during the game. And lateron as well. And the map is quite big, so you will love to do so...

Already on: PS3.X360, 11 2011 on: PC | Rockstar Games, Team Bondi / Rockstar Leeds