IndyCar Series | Indianapolis 500

The last time I watched the Indy 500 was in 2012. Now I watched it again, the 5th race. The whole race was Live on a local station. It has become a real amazing venue. The overtakings are brilliant, and sometimes they go wrong as well. And specially on a oval offcourse. The biggest shunt was between Carpenter and Hinchcliffe. And what a great result from Montoya, who is back in IndyCar since this year. The same goes for Villeneuve. And what a solid result for Busch. With a 6th place. Specially because he needed to do the Cola 600 right after that... Above the highlights from the sponsor: Verizon. It even had a record braker, the most rounds without Yellow Caution or any other flag/SC mode = 140. But after that it went down the drain. Unfortantly... The winnter: Ryan Hunter-R. Just in front of Castroneves.