Review | Homefront

I tested this game because of the fact that I had time left. Plus other games could wait. None the less this has been a waste of time. This game is a perfect example of what happens when a game studio / publisher things they can put popular material in one game and then release it... But I started playing this title with: Frontlines Fuel of War, in the back of my head. Keep that title in mind, because you rather want to play that again then this piece of middle-age shooter.

Yes I know, hard words (considering the fact that I didn't play it long enough for some critics out there). After 2 levels I had enough of this game. Frontlines Fuel of War was better if not good compared to this game. Let's sum up what is wrong with this game. It uses the same Unreal Engine as the other game I Preview this weekend: Bulletstorm. But the graphics are lower then low, even lower then El Matador a third grade developers game (from 2006). The sounds are irritating and overdone. For example if you standing next to a tree with birds in it, and the leading soldier is talking to you, you can't hear him. You see the lips moving, you see the subtitles but you don't actually hear him talk ! Move away from the tree and the tree-sounds suddenly stop without questioning. And then you can hear the leading soldier perfect... Although perfect, not quiet because there is also the irritating sound of footsteps in the sand, grass and even on the road. It sounds like someone has poo underneath his shoes, and that is troughout 90% (in the first two missions alone). Maybe this can be fixed by using a surround set, I don't know. But that shouldn't cause problems / irritating behaviour ! Next thing is the graphics. Already said that the game looks worse then El Matador, a game from 2006. Okay it's passable but really for an Unreal engine (latest), this is crap. Some studios are using too much engine, KAOS Studios used it not enough ! There is way more potential in this graphical engine then what they use... Besides that: window's can't brake, you don't see waving flags, caracters could be better drawn. And you can't tell the difference from where you can and can't walk.

Then there is the gameplay... The game is appearently too short in single player. However I didn't played it that long. So I couldn't check that. But I believe Gametrailers and IGN on there words about it. Guns and bullets are not spread around. You really have to carefull not too waste any bullets. The aiming and the guns them selfs are good though. A wide range of weapons, not all of them are just as good handable. But most of them do the trick ! However less bullets then you expect, not many points to restock your ammo or swap weapons. Your teammates don't seem to have does problems though, what makes it quiet irritating as well. The enemy doesn't have this problem at all, don't even know that there is a limit for there ammo. They can run and gun trough the field like lunatics. The game is even harder on ammo then Doom 3 ! Besides that you can be hit / killed in an instant. What do you say ? Running ? Yeah, nice idear... But it can't be done. Yes there is a button for it, but it won't help you. So you are a sitting duck from time to time.

Is there nothing good about this game then ? Well the multiplayer seems to be really diverse and good. Which was also the case in the other title from KAOS Studios and THQ: Frontlines Fuel of War. And the tank-drone you will get to use in the 2nd mission and beyond is pretty good / over the top. However one more point of weirdness: A grenade won't help against a manual handled turret, but it can blow an automated turret with search light. Go too far beyond the street / map where you are at that point you will get killed without notice or warning ! So if I may give you an advice. Yes you could rent this game for the consoles and try it for a bit, maybe it's good for you. For all the serious shooter fans and PC gamers: forget that this game excists !!! (Play Call of Duty or Frontlines Fuel of War instead...)

Out now: PC.PS3.X360 | THQ, Kaos Studios