Preview | Hitman: Absolution

GameTrailers give this game a 6.9 which isn't fair to be honoust. Some people might agree with there Review on the game. But I don't, IGN is much more accurate at there findings of the game. And why and how it has the flaws it has. So above you find the IGN Review of the game. I played the game briefly already on the Xbox360. And I must say for a console of his age, it can display the new Hitman without hick-ups or anything. Even when the game is at his top the framerate won't drop. The missions are well designed (around 20 of them). The disguise part has been slightly adjusted from previous parts from the franchise. And the level design is just stunning. The game has it's flaws, yes. But they are quite forgetable if you can live with modern games that have the same problem most of the time. Even the last Splinter Cell had issues. So bare that in mind. The action packed parts are really stunning to watch/play. The way's / moments to kill the key figures are also well designed. And gives everyone basicly another look at the mission. Don't come in gun blazing tough. It's a stealth game... Action-weapons are your last result...

Soon I will come with my own Review. But there are a lot of games still to be played on my PC. So be patient please.

Already on: PC.PS3.X360 | Eidos Interactive / Square Enix, Io Interactive