Preview | H.A.W.X.
I am going to be quite honoust in this Preview. When I first saw this game last year I didn't thought to much about it. This was caused basicly by the fact that it was/is a flight game. And my experiences with a flight game weren't that good till then. At the beginning of this year however, I more and more started to have an eye for this game. I finished up the demo today and I must say I'm impressed. Last monday I downloaded and installed the demo... And I played the game every evening again. Today I even managed to make it to level 3 in the demo which gives you access to a Russian Fighter Jet.
Overall the game looks good, and the controls are easy. Some of the people in the gamebiz. are already beating the game towards the ground because it's not that realistic. But the game doesn't intend to be !!! It's just a game you pick up and lay down on your desk/table when you want to... Next time the Review from this game, then I will have some ingame hours of the PC version under mine eject seat.

Out now: PC.PS3.X360, TBA: Wii | Ubisoft, Ubisoft Romania