Special | Hawken

I already signed up for this game a while ago. Or at least came across it. But back then I was rejected, or it didn't capture me enough to really play it. Now, the game is now in open beta and I came across it once more. Titanfall will be released on the 11th of March for Xbox One and 360, and also on the PC (at the same time, indeed). Till that day we can go ahead with Hawken. An multiplayer based free to play Mech-game. So the game is still in open beta. And I played it 2 days till this point. So not much to say yet. Altough the games multiplayer is really balanced. In the matches I have been playing there were only a couple of minor things that it wasn't leveld out nicely. You have about 5 or 6 modes. There is the training off course. Which also feature an offline bot-battle, team deathmatch and the how-to's. And I played team deathmatch and bot-battle online. But there is also a deatchmatch (were everyone fights on his own) , and many more. But I will spare them for the Review in December.

So the difficulty is balanced. The mechs are well balanced as well. And it's a real free to play game. Offcourse you will level up faster, and get a better mech if you pay for it. But everything you see, except the looks of a mech can be also bought for Hawken Credits, which can be received while playing, and completing your profile (already 1000 HC for the profile bit). But you will receive also some Meteor Credits when you level up. The levels are pretty diverse as well. The bot-battle is just one level containing 25 waves. But it's intense for all the right reasons. The deathmatch can be fun and/or perfect, as long as your team is well balanced. Which, like I said earlier is most times the case. The controls (which are 100% important) are good as well. You might need to get used to them, but when you do it goes fine. All the unlockables during a bot-battle really do give you a fair choice. But watch out, bosses during the waves can still be a pain in the behind... Oh and hiding isn't an option. This isn't fast paced (altough from time to time it really is), but hiding with a ... feet tall mech can't be done, you can rest / repair your mech offcourse but after that you really need to move again... This counts even more so in bot-battle.

Till so far my oppinion about the game from these 2 days of play. Let the footage on top of this article tell the rest...

December '13: PC, TBA: PS3.X360 | Meteor Entertainment, Adhesive Games