Preview | Grand Theft Auto V

So last time out on this website we thought GTA V would come out before the 2nd half of this year. Meanwhile we know better. And even more so GTA V has been released on the 17th of September. The online part has came out on the 1st of October. So now GTA V is complete. I was lucky to have 10 hours of gaming already before the PC version will make it's appearance somewhere later this year.

I thought I would only play missions, but there is so many new stuff / so much to do. The city is really alive now. So you start of with Franklin, followed up by Michael. And last but certainly not least you will catch up with Trevor. I didn't have much time with Trevor, but for as far as I can tell now, they all bring something to the table. Didn't use there powers that much. Which is new in the GTA series. Franklin can slow down in a car, on a bike, or on a boat/ jetski. Michael can slow down time during shoot-outs. And Trevor can increase the damage he is causing towards others. And decreasing the damage he receives.

So what did I do in the 10 hours of play I had. Well alot of free roaming. Getting in fight with the police, of whom you can really escape now. Doing some regular missions (yes they are still there), and also some Rampages. And did 1 heist. The heist in this game are really a great part. But that doesn't mean the other missions are overwelmed by it. They are just as a part of GTA as always, but a bit less in this installment. The heist is most of the time devided in a couple of sub-missions you need to fullfill before the heist itself can go along. The side missions, sub-missions and rampages are diverse. And are hilarious from time to time. I won't go to deep into it because they are a real spoiler from time to time. And I want to keep to them as long as the PC version isnt there yet. So for the full thing you need to go to other websites. However they are diverse, funny and tough as well. During the free roaming you will get yourself re-discovered with rival gangs during the time you hang out with Franklin and his dog. They won't like the fact you are playing the tough guy, or that you are bumping into them. One time I was going into the barber shop and I accidently bumped into one of them. Well I did survive, but only just... The robbing of 24/7 stores is a nice touch. You could already rob the cash register in GTA IV but now you can let that be taking care off by the owner. This will give you up to a fair amount of money: 700 dollars isn't a rare case in this. Attacking rival gangs isn't a big part as it was in San Andreas, but your dog will fight with you, and bite there nuts of. Getting persuit by the cops is even harder then before. Spike strips are new to this part. But you can evade them, if you pay attention to there radio communications (as long as you are in a police car). 3 stars of police is already hard. This may be the cause that 5 stars is the ultimate penalty when it comes to the police. The night and day cycle, and the fact that the weather is taking a huge part is deff. nice. Blowing things up gives even a bigger blast then before. And then you don't even know what the jerry can will do... Oh there is so much to explore and tell. Don't know what to bring up. Evading the police is also a good thing though. Park your car in an alleyway when they don't see you, dim your lights and stay neutral. As long as they don't see you, you are in the clear and they will mind there own business. This is worked out perfectly. The police will now even arrest other people, and they will also go far for this just as they will do to you. Gun fights are not uncommon as well. Once I loaded a save game, and they were fighting infront of the house. Just awesome, even more so to join them...

Oh there is soo much more to tell, but that will have to wait till the Review. Which I will do after I played the PC version a bit more. The rumour is it will come out at the beginning of December. But Rockstar didn't announce it yet. Just like they didn't announce the next-gen versions yet.

Out now: PS3.X360, TBA: PC.PS4.XOne | Rockstar Games, Rockstar North