Special #2 | Grand Theft Auto V

So last November (2011) I had the first special about the new / upcoming GTA V. Now there is more to tell I come back with the 2nd special about this game.

Last time I did a special on this new installment of GTA there was still the guess that it would come out this year. But we already know better. It will come out in Q2 of 2013. Right now we also have the 2nd trailer that came out last week. Game Informer had an exclusive look on GTA V as well. The game will feature 3 characters, you can switch between them when you are not on a mission. Robbery will be high on the agenda of the story. The map will be bigger then in GTA IV and will only host Los Santos. (One of the three area's from GTA San Andreas). The map will cover the landscape that is bigger then GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption and GTA San Andreas. This is with indoor area's included and some space left as a spare (you can scuba dive). Some people from GTA IV (incl. EFLC) will return without the appearence of Niko Bellic.

Rockstar has changed the weapon, melee and driving mechanics. Or rather yet they rebuild it. And for that last fact (driving) they introduce even more vehicles then before. And because one of characters has a militairy background the airplanes and heli's are straight away available when you find them. Side missions will become bigger once more. Think about the rampage missions from GTA III and Vice City. Only then in a different way. Tennis and Golf will make there appearence in the game as an activity. And base jumping, triathlons will remain in GTA V. Due the nature of the characters, dating is not coming back. But friend activity's might (in a different way). The clothing is still there but not like it was there in San Andreas. So more like EFLC.

One more big thing is that Rockstar is considering a PC version. This was the case before with San Andreas, when it needed to came out as well. But for GTA V they are considering it again. You can sign the petition that has been made right here: (if you would like the PC version to still make it into the game-stores).

Q2 2013: PS3.X360 | Rockstar Games, Rockstar North