Special | Grand Theft Auto V

The first trailer from the new Grand Theft Auto has been released last week. Like always every gamer (maybe even the one who normally don't plays GTA-like games) becomes mad / insane etc. IGN and Gametrailers had an explaining look at this first trailer. Above is the IGN version, which is for me the most accurate. Overhere you can find the Gametrailers version. And overhere the website from GTA V.

Thankfully this is not just a remake of (GTA III) San Andreas. Instead this will be more like the last installment when GTA III was converted into GTA IV. Some parts are ported and redone, others are completely new. Like you can also see a bit in the trailer of GTA V ! It will be just as big this time as GTA IV but with more to do, then the boring places you had in San Andreas. However GTA V is Hollywood, and from the trailers we can say one thing for sure: Los Santos (Los Angeles) is back in it. So maybe San Fierro and Las Venturas will be as well (San Francisco and Las Vegas). None the less this will be different no matter what... ;)

04 2012: PC.PS3.X360 | Rockstar Games, Rockstar North