Special | GTA IV: iCEnhancer 1.25 Mod

I came across this footage this morning on Gamersyde... And it meant sudden jaw-dropping for me ! I know that on my PC GTA IV looks good. But not this good. So I read the article on Gamersyde and found out that this footage as you see it, is caused by a Mod. When I still played GTA 3 and Vice City I worked alot with mods. Even made some basic stuff myself. (Skins for cars and bikes, to make them look shiny, but don't overdo it). This Mod is a bit bigger then that. I will test this Mod soon, so I can let you know how it is working/playing... If you have GTA IV yourself or the Episodes version (PC only) you can download the Mod from here. But for now... keep that jaw open ;)