Review | GTA IV: Episodes from Liberty City
After a succesfull port to the PC for the original GTA IV. There was a strange situation for the downloadable content for GTA IV. Would it or wouldn't it be on the PC and PS3. Eventually it has come to the PC and PS3. You can download it just like on the Xbox 360 or you can buy the two downloadable contents in a box and with doing that you can also run it without the original game. And that for about 20 euros less then then the original (GTA IV).
So I bought the package and installed it. PC gamer as I am I game across the difference in Rockstar Social Club. The system is now more diferse. You don't have to be login there to actually play the game. It's recommended but not necessarly needed. Games for Windows Live on the other hand still is. And thank god so, Achievements !!! They made a couple of changes to the whole way the engine works for GTA IV and the episodes. One big difference though. The people from Rockstar North working on the Lost and the Damned put some gray layer over the screen of the game. Which gives it a bit of a darker more rougher touch. And loading screens in the same way GTA IV has them. Where on the other hand the other part of Rockstar North has went with the Vice City looks. This is also noticeable in the two episodes itself. Apart from the difference in loading screens (full color in the Ballad of Gay Tony).
First big difference is the way of approach between GTA IV and the episodes. The story of the two is shorter then the full game. Altough the Ballad of Gay Tony is bigger then the Lost and Damned one. Me myself like this very much. I had much more fun with the Ballad of Gay Tony, then with the Lost and the Damned. It's more Vice City. Hell you even got a radio station called that way. The radio is eitherway better. More diferse songs also in there. They updated the excisting stations and added some new ones as well. Couple of new vehicles and where the Lost and the Damned focusses on bikes the Ballad of Gay Tony focusses on Arcade action like Vice City back then. With even more new vehicles and more guns. And not to forget the Buzzar, and the Parachute.
One big problem tough. One mission from the Lost and the Damned let you pursue Tony and Luis (the main caracters from the Ballad of Gay Tony). But in the Ballad of Gay Tony this pursue is diffferent build. Besides that nothing to be negative about. Both kind of gamers get what they want from Episodes from Liberty City. Unfortantly I can't get into the game much here because then I would spoil it for the gamers who haven't played it yet.
Let me put it like this. If you liked San Andreas graphics, and liked the humor of Niko Bellic you go for the Lost and the Damned. If you liked Vice City and want to know what happens with the black kid when you robbed the bank in GTA IV and want to see some action and all you go for the Ballad of Gay Tony.

Out now: PC.PS3, Already on: X360 | Rockstar Games, Rockstar North