Preview | Grand Theft Auto IV
Yes I could do a Review already but I just want more time with it. I have it now for like one week. And I could only played it in the night ! But still I want to tell you, what I've seen / know till now. The game has been already been launched in April of this year for the consoles, and now after half a year it comes to the PC.
Maybe you have already heared, the graphics are very good. Bigger resolution, more detail and all. The down site of this: you need a fat ass graphic card for it. The game uses a lot of RAM for resolution and Draw Distance. This is a huge problem for most of the PC gamers. Because I have a 8800GTS (320mb), a friend of mine has a 9600GT (512mb). And still the game is terrible in balance on hardware. I have it now running quite well, and it is playable. But still I would like better prestation of the game.

The game on it self has 2 major down points. The realism of the game is some times annoing (most of the time because of the physics). And the whole social aspect of the game makes the story line slowing down from point to point. Both of these down points have also there + points when you come accross these aspects the first time. And then before I knock of this preview: the hype around the thing you will find connected to the story is crap ! I will explain: the caracters are well developed. And the animation of them are really good. No lipsynching errors in this title. Besides that the story is better then in San Andreas and that is a big plus. But the connection between you and Niko Bellic isn't there. Most of it is because it isn't a mafia / drug story anymore. And that makes it hard to feel the connection at first. I don't know how it will get a long later in the game but that's why the Review of this PC title will come next week !!!

Out now: PC, Already on: PS3.X360 | Rockstar Games, Rockstar North