Preview | Ghost Recon Online

Since a couple of weeks I am a lucky beta tester on Ghost Recon Online. This game needs to deliver the online (and Wii U) version for the PC and Console owners. The game uses the free2play policy. If you are familliar to this site / my statement about that you may know already quite much now about this game with just one word. For the non regular visitors of this site see the Battlefield Heroes items from (July 2009).

But to be fair for the game / the makers of it. It's an overall good game. It has it flaws but which game doesn't ?! And this IS still in Beta, so it is reasonable. The classes are: Assault, Specialist and Recon. And you can choose which one you will play, or that you are playing all three from time to time. You need to level up for each class, so no overall leveling overhere as well. The match making system is also here in place. Which I find a bit hideous. Just make a couple of rooms on a server, And start a random game from there on. This way it can never be the case that you are facing people who are 15-20 levels higher then you.

But enough about that, cause it ain't working that properly just jet. The thing is sometimes you can be hit trough a wall. And this is mainly caused by people who are funding there free to play. This is also something I mentioned with my Battlefield Heroes items. If it's free2play then the payers shouldn't get a huge adventage. I know why they get an advantage, but let them rule the game, like it's now sometimes in the Beta. Overall the sessions are good. But sometimes you get owned by someone / or a whole team. And personally I think this has nothing to do with the level of players but because of the fact that the payers can buy weapons, that non-payers can't or hardly can't own. And this way you can be owned by a payer, because he can shoot trough walls, his cloaking device is longer active, etc...

Hopefully Ubisoft will adjust this. Because again, overall I had a lot of fun, and had also some good teams/sessions. But hopefully they won't stay on the level where EA left developing Battlefield Heroes. Because then the game could be soon forgotten. And this is not because of the powerups, because they are pretty well balanced. But it's because the 'free2play' and the match making system who needs more work !

TBA 2012: PC.Wii U | Ubisoft