Extended Review | Ghost Recon Future Soldier

To be a review it's already to late. So this is an extended review ! I was looking forward to this game for so long. And when they announced it was going to be less like the earlier installments I was curious what it would mean to the game as a whole. Personally I've been into this game since Rainbow Six didn't gave me the edge anymore. In between SWAT4 gave me what I was looking for: a technical shooter. After that Advanced Warfighter gave me the buzz. Now they would change Ghost Recon ? To what, for what purpose ? It became clear soon enough that it would have more and more Splinter Cell stuff in it. Sync shots, night vision, thermal vision, odd story telling. Not a simple briefing anymore where you need to pick your members / weapons / strategy. But a modern version of it all. A default group of members for the first time in a long while. No huge tactical plans anymore either. So I was a bit concerned. Would this be too fast paced for the fans of the franchise. An answer to that question ? Maybe...

When you come into the game you are taking over a convoy who is going trough the mountains to plan a nuclear warfare somewhere. In this part of the game you are playing briefly with people who will die. After that you will join a team and later become the team boss of the group. And the game become stealth once more. But these stealth parts are not as much in the game as they were before. You can tell somehow by the way you control them: 3rd person view. Not a very big arialview on everything anymore. It's even possible to go close-action combat with the enemy. Luckely there are still stealth parts. And even parts in the game where stealth is the key element to survive. Otherwise a tank will blow out your brains all over the floor !

Is it too action paced ? Yeah sometimes it is. Altough Advanced Warfighter wasn't that stealthy as well. This time it's more action oriented then before. That is the reason that you have almost always a sniper or silenced gun next to a submachine or US rifle/sidearm. The thing I hate are the diamond formations, you can't really shoot that well and everything goes way faster then the most of you can shoot/react. What I do like are the different locations. They really made it a game to enjoy, you won't see much of the senery but it's there and it IS nice. Even a sandstorm or snowstorm can be nice in this game. And then a magnetic cam is your only view you will need... The darker missions are also a real nice treat. I know a good vibe when I see one, and this game has IT !

Need more + or - points to convince yourself of owning this game ? Well if you have played Splinter Cell succesfull before, especially Conviction welcome to the Ghost Recon team then. Before this installment you would get penalized for trying but not anymore. You can go in as high profile as you like. With some parts left out. Already been a Ghost Recon fanatic ? Then there is enough to chose from. You have every mission a couple of challenges that you can take on. And they are more or less all based on stealth/tactics. They unlock weapons and stuff. And that leads me to the big - point I have with this game. The amount of weapons at your disposal. If you don't have what it takes to take on these challenges you will get stuck on the default weapons. I know do the elite difficulty in this game. Like that I can have more free weapon choice. So a hint to these people who still need to play this: get one gun and stick with it or get these challenges knocked in. The same goes for the upgrades. Penatration bullets and so on, not for you if you miss out on these challenges.

Finally + point: you think the drone, armor robot and cloaking device will make you unbeatable ? Don't think so... It still gives the enemy an idear where you are if you stick to long at one place. When you get too close with the cloaking device on they will spot you. Being to carefull with the rockets from the armor robot ? Don't be ! This thing is at your dispoasel for a purpose... And they can detect that drone if you don't pay attention !

July: PC.PS3.X360 | Ubisoft, Ubisoft Paris