Special | Ghost Recon Future Soldier

The new Ghost Recon title has finally a release date that can be done, as I like to say it. The last couple of days will be adictive for all tactical shooter fans. No matter what you liked before: SWAT or Rainbow Six. You will look at this title, how it does the things other titles have copied, more or less. In this video walktrough from GameTrailers, they will demonstrate the mission called: Valiant Hammer. In this first part (see above), they let you show the way of engagement with your team mates. The new cloaking device is shown in action. The tweaked interface (based on the last Splinter Cell (Conviction)) is displayed. Also you meet up with the new drone for gathering intel on the enemy's. And how you can take down multiple enemy's at once.

The first part was more or less about the recon aspect of the mission. The second part is about taking care of things. When possible in a stealth manner, when not in agressive mode (when there is positiv contact with the enemy). Just make sure the things you need to do, get to be done/finished ! You will learn about the many entry points a level can have, the different aspects of the drone (how to use him in difficult situations) and the multiple takedown is further explained as well. At last: When the demo is ready I will get back to you with this game...

24.05.12: PC.PS3.X360 | Ubisoft, Ubisoft Paris