Review | From Dust

From Dust is an amazing little game. At first I thought well this will be something for a couple of hours. But I am already addicted to it. It's a god game like Black & White was, but then different. You play as a spirit who can grab earth, water, fire elements. You need to defend an old tribe on their journey. Along the way you will find land who is under attack from vulcano's, tsunami's etc.

The tribe needs a village in the first place. So you need to get them save (and sometimes quick) to there first totem. You can have up to 4 totems each level. Each totem has it's own powers. Evaporate water, extuinish fire etc. From there on you need to make the land more liveable once more. In the desert you will need water to make the oase bigger. And in case of fire you need to extuinish it quick enough with water or make the terrain 'bald' on particulair places, so that the fire can't reach the tree's.

I can go on and on about this game, but you will have to try it. It's quite challenging.

Out now: PC.PSN.XBLA | Ubisoft, Ubisoft Montpellier