Special | Flash 04
I hope it wouldn't take as long as it did by now, to post another flash item. Oh well, I am having 3 flash games for you this time. So that is quite enough to keep you busy for a while.

Legend of Garry In this different version from Tetris you are a little farmer called Garry. And you have some ways to avoid a tricky piece of brick. But remember the blocks must keep standing still, because if they don't it will collapse.
Redstar Fall This is a puzzle game with a twist. Instead of the game above where you need to go sky-high, you need to go down in this game. Keep the red star standing, and direct it towards the platform indicated in each level
Redstar Fall Pro the pro version of Redstar Fall. With the same objectives but with more challenging levels. (20 levels in total, just like the original game).