Special | Flash 02
This time we have two flash games, that are basicly the same in goal. Shoot your enemies to dust ! One of them is something I picked up from last year. The other one is what I found yesterday @ work. So if you are bored by the shitty weather go ahead and play. More flash games will follow next weekend. So play with a smile and speed !

BoxHead 2, this game is quite the same as all the 3D zombie shooters that game out till now. Left 4 Dead, House of the Dead, etc. Name it and you have exactly what this game is. Only this one is in flash ! Never the less it's fun ! The controls are explained to you on the site.
Onslaught 2, a tower defense game like no other. In this game you have the free will to place your units, and even how quick you play what and were... One hint: use the combo list for effective in game hours.