Special | Flash 10

Just one flash game this time. But a quite popular one. Angry Birds, the game that was original only for the mobile devices like the Iphone, PSP etc. And it wasn't designed for the PC nor for online purpose. However with the launch of the new 'html 5 generation' browsers it is possible to play Angry Birds. Google launched it, and wants you to actually use Google Chrome for it. Personally I am not really fan of that browser altough it became better once more so feel free to play it trough Google Chrome or your personal best browser: Internet Explorer 9 or Mozilla Firefox 4.
As mentioned the game is on the PC as well and will also come towards the Xbox 360 and Wii...

Angry Birds (Beta) Your goal is to defeat the enemy by causing colisions with nearby structures / own birds. And you also can collect chrome symbols which grant you access to bonus levels. You play this with your mouse / left mouse button (for the additional usage of a bird).

Out now: multi | Chillingo, Rovio