Special | Flash 01
It is still quite cold weather outside but this week it's for most of us that we have a week off. So what can you do in this week of shitty weather ? Exactly play some flash games. And they are back on the site ! To give you some first impressions on what you can expect from the flash items this year we came up with a summary from last year ! Here are the best games (flash basis) of 2008...

Filler, a game were the goal is to make balls as big as you can by pressing, and holding the left Mouse Button. If you get cought by one of the bouncing balls in a level that ball you were making will be destroyed !
INSURGO, make the tower as big as possible. If the building undergoes some overloading the pillars will glow up red, and that means the tower will brake down !
Bloxorz, get this block in the hole and evade / cross the obstacles along the way. All off this by controlling the block with the cursors, and the special abillity to slice the block in 2 parts.
Avalanche, jump and get on that block that is dropping down as soon as possible little 'gum'. Because the liqued is raising and raising. I made it to the 510ft once ! The game is explained further in the game itself.
Metro Siberia II: Underground, hit space everytime that your object is almost hitting the surroundings. And make your way across the level as far as you can. The background music is available on the site of the game.