Review | Fez

So this game is already out since a month or so. But I didn't want to release the review that soon after I played it a couple of hours. I really wanted to play it a bit longer, to give you a good impression on what the game is like. And to be honoust, I am not sure if I can give you this good impression at this moment. The game is way too different from what I played till so far in general. And if you say this is Paper Mario but then different. Then you would be wrong ! Personally I don't know Paper Mario that well but the whole twist the world thing is a lot bigger in this game. And there is no princess to rescue in this game.

So obviously the world-turning is a great deal. I will try to explain what the story is in this game. It isn't a big story, so keep that in mind. You are Fez a student in a world of other caracters looking just like you (with small differences). Your teacher says that a cube is flat, but you don't believe that. And neither does your friend/master who gives you a pipe-mail that your time is near to get on adventure and leave the village. And so you are on your way. But at the moment the big gold cube appears something is going wrong, and the cube shatters over the whole world. But not before he explains in an odd language to you that you can turn the world around you to your advantage. And so you must reclaim every piece of that big cube. And with 4 small cubes you can make 1 large cube. And with more of these large cubes you can open a door into another type of dimension/world. Jungle, beach, etc. All in the style of Fez..... So these are the basics. Now my thought about the game

At first I thought how hard can it be to collect / go trough the levels. But you have to blast walls, find key's - find the chest belonging to the key, etc. With that comes the thing of that some worlds/dimensions/parts will block certain ability's of your power to turn the world. Besides this you will need to find maps and other relics to get further in the world.
I won't spoil everything but when you are near / past the 2nd door of the main story line you will see bugs in the system of Fez. Bugs that are meant to be there. Bugs that make it even harder for you to reach what you want to reach. It is an extra layer of brainwave for you as a player.

The whole world is amazingly build, all be it 2D technicly speaking, the language that is being used is fez-like, so like the Sims and other games like that... The big gold cube even uses a language you can't read. So it's handy you have hints in this game, who translates what it is telling you. The whole back and forth traveling is done well. The in game map is somewhat usefull but not completely. It is more or less for the overall view, not to see which road to take. So you may need to get used to that. When you miss-judge an edge or a possible leap between 2 points you will not have to go all the way back to the start of the level or something you will start at the point before you went stupid (in to death-hole). So no major frustrations in this game...

One more thing the developer said last week that Fez 2 is also in progress at the moment. So soon there is another part of this title for fans to play. If you don't have Fez yet, order it trough Steam / Xbox Live Arcade, you won't regret it. You can pick this game up easlily. Even for a 6 year old. And it's an Indie game. So that way you will suport even more parts of this title.

Already on: PC.X360 | Polytron, Polytron / TrapDoor