Review | Far Cry 2
I've played the game of the year 2008. That is if you only judge for the PC platform. This is by far the most enviormental, tastefull... game since STLAKER (Shadow of Chernobyle) last year. Graphics are good, surroundings are overwelming, and so on and so on... You play as a journalist who comes to Africa to find out more about someone that 'they' call the Jackal. When you arrive in your Hotel in the city of Pala you will get traumatised by the effects of Malarya. And got pinned down by a war between APR and UFLL. Thoes camps both want the best for there followers and community. And you are going to play a serious role in this story.

I canīt say stuff to convince you of the greatness of this game. But I can explain why I find it that good-perfect ! In the beginning you will take on a trip to Pala, and you will be guided on this short tour by some taxi driver. This moment you will certainly not forget when you have a 360 or PC. The enviorment is overwelming you in 1 minute or so. (It sure did by me). After some in game hours you will start fires and explosions that are just amazing due to the engine that Ubisoft is using for Far Cry 2 (Dunia Engine / Havok Engine). For example if you start a fire (cause of a molotov) in the middle of the sahara, the fire will increase because of the burning sun that is placed upon it. If you would start that same fire somewhere else on the edge of the jungle then it won't expand that much !
But not only the weaponry will shock you away, the trees and bushes are all reacting so good at nature that you will be shivered by it at some point. Besides that the AI is pretty good, although I got across some flaws were the AI would stand with there back against me, waiting to be shot in there butt ! And you will get much interaction from the persons in the game who are doing the same job as you. I am talking about buddies, you will come across these people in an early stage of the game and they are willing to help you when you are at the point of passing out. They will come and help you back on your feet. And they only want a slice of your friendship in return. (And if they are in trouble they also want a bandage around there arm or such). It gives you an immortal feeling. But if they die at a certain point, or you have just been to radical in your actions you will die eventually.
The weaponry is very wide scaled. You will have small hand guns but lateron you will get access to mortars and laser guided rockets. The flame torch is the most popular under gamers, because it can start a big scale fire. Lateron you will use more types of explosives for this kind of work but in the beginning it does the job good. All this weaponry you can buy with diamonds (in the beginning) and you will get these by searching in the world or do asignments from the APR or UFLL. You can also do side quests who will give you huge amounts of diamonds in an instance or that unlocks more weaponry / upgrades.

Overall this game has so much to offer in enviorment terms that I could go on and on about this game. But it wouldn't make sence unless you have played it for yourself. So go on, and get this game. It is worth it.

Out now: PC.PS3.X360 | Ubisoft, Ubisoft Montreal