Review | F1 2010

When I did the Preview of this game I thought that this would be an awesome game. For a fan that is (and if you are not single minded). But there are some issues with this release. So to get them out of the way let's name them... First there is the Pit bug. EA's franchise had this also from time to time. And because this is the first F1 game from Codemasters you can forgive them. But there is an even worse bug in the pits. When you don't have the full race distance, there is a bug in the strategy aspect. When you have your only pit stop in that mode it can be that the game hangs...
The 2nd bug and the more irritating one is that the game is not always perfect for a 6 Core CPU (on PC). And you need to adjust a game file to get the game running. Because otherwise the game will freeze while loading every single race. Weird thing of this bug. During practice, qually and time trial there is no issue.
Even a bug with save games is reported. And then you need to start all over on Consoles or alter the code / folder on the PC.
And there is the obvious bug for a first time game in a franchise: lag / framedropping etc. Even on the Xbox 360 this is an issue. So with these 3 bugs already you have something like okay a patch would be in place. And Codemasters even said they are going to look in to the matter. So no DLC but patch for sure. An alternative issue is that the game is missing a dll file on the PC because DirectX is not installed correctly. But this is more an user error.
An issue that I dislike is the lack of adjusting the steering wheel on your platform. Games that didn't had a fix is for example RACE (from Simbin) and NFS Shift (EA). Thankfully there is a work-around for it in the game. Just choose custom controls and you can alternate the settings. But an option to fully customize Force Feedback is not there. Which is a shame.

Then the game itself: The AI is from time to time not correct. Low field runners are in the mid field etc. The moment of wheel banging is awesome tough. And the way that racing is close this year is even embedded in the game. And is really nice if you are finally passed the enemy / other driver. Or even your team mate. The enviorment is awesome looking. And with this you really know that Codemasters is at the controls. The whole thing of difficulty settings and seasons you are driving in F1 is worked-out perfectly. Achievements are easy in the beginning but hard at the end. For example finish a race on the podium from the back of the field. This is something you need to do on a track that is really designed for it, and where you perform well. The interview aspect is good for the first game in the series of Codemasters.

Overall the game is performing good. But isn't great but for the first game in the series it's passable...

Out now: PC.PS3.X360 | Codemasters, Codemasters