Preview | F1 2010

Unlike Mafia 2 I know (and hope) that this title won't disapoint me. The dev. diary's and the fact that Codemasters does this title, are bringing me a lot of positive thoughts. I mean RaceDriver GRID was awesome. Sometimes a ackward moment. But overall it was good. The DiRT titles aren't my thing but what I see from it, is good and get's my apporval to excist. Not that Codemasters is watching my back, but still.
This new era in F1 gaming franchise is proving positive till now. They have ex-F1 driver Anthony Davidson and current BBC Radio 5 Live commentator on board of there operations to make this the hole in one shot for there F1 start. It has proven not to be bug free already. And that some things could have been better. But the whole aspect that you have to talk to the press in a game is good. That you have this nice interface withing the Motorhome is well done (like in DiRT). The fact that you will enter the games 750BHP car in a team which is the same as your difficulty level is a great thing. So put the game on easy and you will start in a HRT, Lotus or Virgin car.
The fact that you will have this level of competetivety inside the game is also good. The amount of level detail, and not only the track is something I wished for a long time. Personally I don't have GTR anymore. And there won't be any GTR anymore so F1 2010 must do it for me. Thing is I am F1 fan. So I will know straight away if there is something weird about this... More about this title tough in the Review (hopefully next weekend).

24/09: PC.PS3.X360 | Codemasters, Codemasters