Review | Euro Truck Simulator 2

The review came a bit later then expected. But I wanted to have every piece of 'road' covered. Before I did a review on this game. This game needs a solid review, so that's what it get.

In the preview I already had it briefly about the simulator espect of the game. The fact that not whole europe or the some country's are fully build into the game is on one hand weird. On the other you have enough roads to cover. And when you drive in the UK or Germany you won't notice the lack of roads. A negative thing about this simulator, is the fact that the other cars and trucks on the road have sometimes difficulty with the rules. Which makes them suddenly stop. Or overtake you when you are already switching lanes. Don't keep the distance they should. (Because when you brake they will bump into the cargo on occasion). And they are sometimes not willing to make some room for a big truck-combination. Besides that the fuel and sleep simulation is well done. The fact that you can't alter the route you want to take before you drive is a tiny bit odd. But not terrible.

The cargo is diverse, just like the trucks are. The police-tickets are also diverse. But sometimes impossible. You don't get a fine or do get a fine on moments that are completely the opposite. So that is odd. When you need a sleep and don't get it on time. You still have an hour to get to a resting place which is good. On some ocassions you might run out of fuel, but this is a rare case in the game. None the less when you do you need to call for the service station. They will repair the truck and give you enough fuel to reach destination or the next tankstop. You may have a favorit truck or not, that's good cause not every truck may suite you. And every manafacturer has it's own upgrades. The upgrades are not Need for Speed style. But you can give your own touch to the game.

I thought that the 'hire a driver' option wasn't that good for a game like this. But it works. Okay they have also truck repairs to make. And you need to buy them a truck. Instead of they come with there truck to you. They need education. Even if you are already on rating number 5. They will still be at 0.8 or 1.1. And that is already quite far in the game (driver level 22). The skill points work brilliantly, work like they should. If you go for chemicals, most jobs will contain chemical transport. The eco boost will really maximize your fuel-consumption, etc.

So all and all this game is quite a good, solid game. But only for the one's who are interested.

Already on: PC.MAC | Excalibur Publishing, SCS Software