Preview | Euro Truck Simulator 2

Okay so this week a Preview of this game. And hopefully next week I will be able to Review it. I came across this game when I saw the demo for it on Steam. In October of last year it came on Greenlight (the new give-it-a-shot system from Steam). The community can then vote witch game should make it trough towards Steam. The game it self was also released in that same month as a retail package. In the UK and here in the Netherlands it is published by Excalibur Publishing. Who are known for a lot of simulator games them selfs: Farm Simulator, etc. SCS Software is mostly known from truck games and hunting games. Combine the two, and what seemed to be a dull game about trucks is actually a fascinating game. Europe, where the game takes place is not fully build into the game. The points of interest are there. Most of the roads are there. But the roads are diverse. Which makes the route from London to Berlin exciting. Because it's a simulator you have to stop for fuel. Travel by boat or train across the sea. And o'course rest when you are getting tired. Slow down for radar control / slow down for corners which makes the truck fall on his side...

If you wish to read already something more about this game go to: PC Gamer. They are kind-off the only one who talk about the game. IGN and more game sites alike don't have anything listed about this game

Already on: PC.MAC | Excalibur Publishing, SCS Software