Preview | Eufloria
The developer of this game has already a big ammount of games on it's record. Doom3 for Linux was from this group. Fez which will come later this year/ next year is also from them. Weird thing is, and I do hope that it won't happen with all of there games: you overlook it to soon. I came to this title on Steam while I was looking for the Mafia 2 demo. And suddenly I saw this. I thought about Osmos, but also off Spore. The only difference between Spore and this title is that you play the whole game in the starters fase of Spore. You control seeds, You go to a astro and there you plant 4 tree's. The tree will give you more seeds etc. But unlike Spore you can defend yourself as seed... And that is where the fun comes in. Try it / buy it and you will see that the on first-look girly game is quite action-packed as well. (In a very tiny form, but still).
As said for PC you can find it on Steam and the demo is quite big. I played already 5 levels and 1 skirmish level. In that last called mode you also have more then 1 sort tree. and more then one enemy seed colony.

October/December 2009: PC.PS3.MAC.LINUX | Omni Creative, Independent