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I saw this movie last month. Want to know what my conclusion of this movie was ?! It was: Epic, yes indeed the movie's title IS the verdict. But it is somewhat predictable if you know that it is done by the creators of Ice Age and Rio. In short it goes about this: M.K.'s dad is a bioligist/nature man, who is on the hunt for something in the woods, something he finds really incredible. Tiny man on birds who looks like soldiers. But then M.K. visits him, his daughter. But like always dad hasn't got time for M.K. (Mary Katherine). The Queen of the forest (therefor the soldier like man on birds) task is to pick a plant, and with that to extend the forest. But the rotten side of the forest doesn't like this. And want to double-cross this plan. In the fight that follows the Queen is badly hurt. At that point M.K. finally believes her dad because she is seeing the same things her dad is experiencing. The Queen choses M.K. to follow up the task. And what follows is an epic movie. Where you really can tell that it is a lot like Ice Age, when it comes to the adventure telling it self. It's a bit like Hunny I shrunk the kids as well. If you haven't seen it yet, go watch it ! You will find it Epic ;)

Oct. 2013 | 20th Century Fox, Blue Sky Studios