Preview | Dungeon Siege III

I know this game from the beginning. I even got the 1st installment including the expansion pack back when this game was already released overhere. The 2nd installment had his things but I wasn't really happy with the changes (quiet often that this is the reason I stop following game franchises). And it became worse when I heard that Square Enix took over Eidos Interactive. Because they were till then only known for Final Fantasy kind-off games. But then I saw the trailers / footage from the 3rd installment and I got excited once more. This looked like the first Dungeon Siege. Although it looked better and the you don't have that much persons, deamons, elfs, orcs to choose from...

Even now that I played the demo I am quite excited about this new installment. The basics have stayed the same. Like adjusting your elf with new armor and weapons. Leveling up and use magic spells and rage attacks. The dialog scenes have changed a bit, but the story goes on where it ended in the earlier released games of the serie !

Besides this I don't know much yet but that will change when I played more of this game.

Out now: pc.ps3.x360 | Square Enix, Obsidian Entertainment