Review | Duke Nukem Forever

When I saw the first trailer of this game, back when 3D Realms was still busy with this game, I was not really impressed. And when they (3D Realms) was going 'down' and Gearbox Software took over I was suprised but still not impressed. Offcourse I was happy. But when early this year the first gameplay footage came online, I was fairly suprised. The came looked okay. The creatures/weapons and one liners of Duke Nukem were quiet the same...

Let's put the real thing on the line. This is actually a remake from the original Duke Nukem 3D from mid 90's. But the original idear from 3D Realms was that it would be a real follow up off the series. But when a game is already more then 10 years in development I can understand Gearbox and 2K, that they just want to release this game, as good as it get's ! But that makes the game doubtfull. Is this easy cashing, or as Gearbox says: we saw our roots in need of help. So we did what we could. None the less, why release a game that is actually not yet ready to been released? Well as said the game is already more then 10 years in development. But when you are not quite sure if the game should be realistic or fun, then your making a mistake. You would say that Gearbox knows better. In the original you could walk/run/fly with 10 weapons, know you will have to deal with the monsters with only 2 weapons and 2 types of explosives. Besides that the monsters are not easy gun food anymore, they are annoingly running around and not as slow as in the original. Sure the game needed to be a bit modern. But this is too modern. The essence of the game are gone !

Don't get me wrong, the game is not bad. But when even IGN gives this game a 5.5 you know the developer did something wrong. Okay IGN was really bullish on this game. So don't believe everything they say. But on the basics they were right. Why have vehicle scenes in a shooter game like this ? This game is about a cult action hero who is only interested in girls wearing not that many clothes (to put it nice). And about shooting wild-pigs in jeans and with less gun powder then the Duke !

Besides all of this the loading screens take to long and the amount of gun blazing is on a low. The graphics are a bit dated and the one liners are the same as in the original (Duke Nukem 3D). Even the weapon sounds are the same. But the most irritating is the things mentioned above.

Out now: pc.ps3.x360 | 2K Games, 3D Realms / Gearbox Software