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The lead caracter from IronMan 2 and on the other hand a fully-idiot. The 2 can't live together, but they screw up each other quite often. Peter must get from Atlanta towards LA where his wife will labor there first child. Ethan has burned his old man in Atlanta, and put him in a used coffee can. The two want to get on a plane but when they became a name on the no-fly-list, they can forget that. And they must travel by car ! Peter is in hurry, Ethan ain't he just want a good spot were he can throw-out the ashes of his dad. Ethan and his dog own the car, but Peter can't live with that for the first part of the movie. Lateron they will grow towards each other. More or less because of the act of Darryl (J. Fox).
All the way the movie is quite hillarious. You won't have trouble breathing tough. It's not like you start laughing and can't stop. But there are hillarious moments in it. And you really should watch this movie !

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