Preview | Driver: San Francisco

Driver: San Francisco...?! Never thought that the Driver series would be back on it's level before everything went hugely wrong. I played Driver 1 on the Playstation back in the days. And Driv3r on the PC just to know where the series went. But the franchise was pretty much dead. Now it has been going trough a reboot it seems, the title bounces back for part 5 in the series !!! As you can see in this Review from IGN. Don't worry I will test for myself soon...

But to give you the back story of the reboot: Originally the developer was known as: Reflections Interactive. It had Destruction Derby, Driver and Stuntman on it's CV. It came under command of GT Interactive and with that it became a studio of developers for Infogrames/Atari. But that lasted for only one year. GT Interactive hit the recycle bin (sold out). And in 2006 the Driver Franchise and Studio came on the market-spot. Ubisoft grabbed it and there you have it the studio is back on it's feet with the backing of Ubisoft. And the franchise got a reboot. This is there first product as a new team. (If you don't count Monster 4x4 from 2009).

01 09 2011: MULTI | Ubisoft, Ubisoft Reflections