Preview | DiRT 2
The first DiRT game was not really my kind of rally game. It was more of a quick action and fancy looking game. And that's weird because I like it when a game looks good. But besides that it also needs simplicity ! And this brings DiRT 2, the menu is even more fancy looking then part 1, but they keep it simple. The focus is time more on the racing aspect of the game.
Thing is: in how far is racing related to rally ?! 'Cause in rally it's a higher priority to finish within a certain time then how fast you will go. For being on time you need speed but it is not the big thing that makes you the winner ! In DiRT 1 I was not happy with the steering. Now in DiRT 2 I'm still not completely happy, but it's already better then in part 1. Overall I liked the preview version of the game. And want to see if DiRT 2 will finally be the game I want to play. Because seriously, I need a racing-game again...

Out now: Multi | Codemasters, Codemasters