Review | Deus Ex: Human Revolution

It took a while but now I am ready to right a review. But still be aware: I didn't finish the game yet...

My expectations were quite high when Square Enix announced this title together with Eidos. Let me explain: I never played the first two parts of this franchise. But because this installment is in someways a reboot of the franchise I thought let's try this one out at least. I must say I am suprised it grabs all of my expectation points till now. As the journalist already says in the IGN review: if you want to work your way around a certain point based upon your idear you mostly can do it just like that idear... It makes the game diferse, both in experience and gameplay ! From time to time you get the choice if you want to go aggressive or want to go stealth. And this works (sorry I need to say this) better in Deus Ex then in Splinter Cell Conviction. Were in Splinter Cell it really is a chosen thing to follow-up. In Deus Ex you can still choose somehow... If you need to be cold as ice you can be, and if you have chosen rambo-style then you still can do some silence take outs. You won't get punished ! Although the guards will be a bit harder to evade if you come in to there turf gun-blazing...

The game is pretty long as well. I almost played every night and guess I am halfway trough. Which is a big '+' for me, I like big games, it makes it worth that I buy a game. The praxis points for upgrading your augmentations are pretty balanced as well. You won't get it easy even if you have a kick ass killer move with two arm-blades. It's not like Assassins Creed where you become invinceble lateron in the game. Which brings me to my personal point of interest. Most of the time I play games on easy-mode first and most of the time only in easy mode. Because medium-mode is most of the time a step to far for me personally. But this game is pretty balanced on that point as well ! I know have easy pieces but also some pieces I have to try again every single time because of my own errors or that from the game.

Yes the game ain't perfect. It seems that gaming studios have a high risk not to release a game 'on time'. Sometimes the shooting is a bit off. Enemy's can see you sometimes even if you are behind cover. Sometimes a 'hack' seems really impossible, but couple of minutes later it's easy. Sometimes the graphical rendering of some people in the game are 'off'. But none the less it's a good-solid-game !

Out now: PC.PS3.X360, TBA: Mac | Square Enix (Feral Interactive), Eidos Studios Montreal