Review | Dear Esther

Dear Esther is quite a simple game to Review. Although it's quite hard as well. That's because of the fact that you aren't really playing a game. But that you are following a storyline in a game-world. Say: "the modern version of a hearing-book-casette/tape". The engine that is used is the source engine, from Half Life 2. And with that you can immidiatly see what that engine is still capable off. The vibe is still there. Even for a deserted piece of island. And when you get into the night cycle. Or the caves with it's water and light effects it's really nice.

The story is quite odd, the way you explore the island/your story as well. And the one sudden change of it all is really odd at first, until you know why it's there! Overall the game is good, for one: it will let you play a game in a total different way then before. Two: the engine is still good enough for a game like this. Three: the story / the vibe keeps you interested. But none the less there is also a point of attention to make. If you don't like or if you are not familiar with point-and-click games. And if you don't want to simply follow a story, don't play this game !!! This game is for the gamers who want to play something differently. And who want to see the other side of game-making.

Out now: PC | TheChineseRoom