Review | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

The 3rd installment from the Modern Warfare team. You play 3 act's with a total of 17 missions. And it may take you up to 6 hours to complete the game. With that said we have reached a negative selling point for the Call of Duty series. The lenght of the single player missions. 6 Hours of single player gameplay is equal to three, I repeat three gaming nights of 2 hours each. I mean this is the shortest single player call of duty I have played till now. This is also the reason why I started liking shooters with an RPG feel to it. Adjust your carachter to your needs / idear. And beat the game with it. Games like STALKER and the more recently Deus Ex: Human Revolution. In case of that last title: I already played almost a full work week long and still didn't finish the game. There is so much to choose from. Okay both games are sandbox shooter things but still the story is pretty straight forward. STALKER was an even bigger game then Deus Ex.

But enough about the negative stuff. The rest is positive, as far as I can see. You play in four different forces: Delta, Task 141, F.S.O. (Russians) and S.A.S. F.S.O. is the shortest together with S.A.S. (small negative thing) only 1 mission each. Positive you even play a co-op between two forces: Delta and Task 141. Many different locations and weapons. And the wow and stunning factor is typical Call of Duty like. Overall the game is like other Call of Duty games. So I won't tell you the standard stuff. The best force in my oppinion was: Task 141. Pierce, Soap and Yuri return to the field in different locations. And there are some references between Modern Warfare 1 and 2.

Overall it's still a game you should play if you like Call of Duty / war shooters. But be aware it's short so you might want to wait until it hits the budget part of your local game shop.

Already on: PC.PS3.WII.X360 | Activision, Infinity Ward