Review | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
It took a while to get a working copy of the game (a common error in the pc version of the game). But finally I can play this game on my own PC ! I played the first Modern Warfare so much that it went broke (not for real). And now that Modern Warfare 2 is there I expected to happen the same. And in a way it does have that same effect on me. Although it ain't so new anymore it's still a solid/good shooter title. Don't play this game as a rambo-type. Because you won't win with that. Sometimes you have to think which way / or guess the right way.
So Modern Warfare 2, it was already a hype before it was in stores. This was due to a scene on a russian airport where you would kill all civillians. Thing is it is justified because you are an undercover CIA agent in that particular mission. And the game warns you twice before entering the scene ! Personally I didn't have any problems with the mission. Okay I can understand the frustration from politics and everything but still I know it ain't really real ! And I am having fun troughout the whole game. Because of the action in the game.
And that's the whole thing about the Modern Warfare series from Call of Duty ('cause that is what it has become). The action scenes, from one drive-by to an other it never stops the action. The only time you are sitting in front of the game doing nothing is when you get briefed. And even does briefings are sometimes real good value ! Not to hype the game up but that was already in 1 and now in 2 it has changed... So why should I pick on it ? I pick on ONE thing tough. I heared (still need to see for myself) that the game was awfully short (single campaign). And that is a bad thing. Because 1 was really good value even without multiplayer... multiplayer... Hmm I hear that some perks are really insane powerfull. That is not good either, however I can not judge about that. 'Cause I haven't played that part yet.
Overall I am just happy with a smile on my face. Bottomline: Is this the game of the year for PC ? Answer, YES !

release | Activision, InfinityWard