Review | Call of Duty: Black Ops

The engine may be on his last couple of hours, but Black Ops is a fact. This may be the yet-another-call of duty-part in the franchise. But for once Treyarch did a good job. Not great, but good. Black Ops is actually yet another Modern Warfare game but different. It covers up the period between early 50's till late 60's. Hell you even meet President Kennedy. The gameplay it self however is way too much interupted to be good. But graphics and story are well done. The bugs are typical Treyarch, how can you know that you need to pay attention to someone's hands if you only see the word follow ? I had this a couple of times. And also a couple of times that it meant trial and error. Where does the game want me to be on the map I then ask ? Sometimes the controls let down on the games action. Which is also quite bad for the outcome. Infinity Ward does this better. Hopefully the next Call of Duty will be from there hands. And please no Modern Warfare anymore. What happened to world war 1 ? Do a game about that. Or do a Call of Duty Vietcong... But let I make it clear. This is a Call of Duty from a developer who was shit in making a Call of Duty part and now they finally made a good game.
Why not great ? Bugs, controls, interuptions... and only 18 hours of play.

Out now: Multi | Activision, Treyarch