Review | Call of Duty: World at War
I am not new to this franchise, and this makes me quite a reliable source as a reviewer in this case. I've played every single part compleetly troughout the end of the game (part 3 not as far, but that was because it was only on the console and I don't own one). This part has been made by the same people as from 3. And you can sense it when you are playing this part of the franchise. It plays like a console shooter. The pace of the game is much higher then that you normally would have on PC. On PC it is also playing with a lot of pace but in a different way. By biggest suprise, that Treyarch gives us with this title is the graphical engine. It does not overrule Modern Warfare (CoD 4) but it also doesn't go underneath part 3. And that is good. But the big issue that this game has, is that it can't keep me in focus all the way. And it doesn't do something new at all. Maybe it's an idear from Activision and Activision alone (what I don't believe) but Treyarch is not the party to make a Call of Duty game, end of the story !

Out in 2008: MULTI | Activision, Treyarch