Special | Cities in Motion 2

So finally I got the chance to play Cities in Motion 2, and altough the game is already there since April of this year. I didn't had the game yet / and also didn't had the time. The time bit is due to the fact that I am still hooked on the first part of the franchise (yes I call it a franchise already, it lives longer then Traffic Giant). Just imagine for a moment, the first part came out in February 2011. But still I am hooked on it. So there was no demo for this 2nd installment on the air, so I had to wait a bit longer. But now I can give a very good impression on the game.

So first of all I want to make clear, that I didn't complete the game yet. And further more, I won't complete the game as well. Reason for that ? It has changed too much. The interface is now just one big mess. While the interface in one was just simple and clear. It didn't need a change. Then the cities, they are bigger yes. They have gotten a very large upgrade on there looks. Graphical it is a huge improvement. You can also magnify more. Zoom in and out as far as you want and rotate freely. But the free rotation has a down-side to it. You will go trough buildings and it has no real use. Then the creating / maintaining bit of the public transport. Now that has changed for better and, but also for worse. Which is bad, because that is the bit that needs to be perfect in a transport tycoon like-game, like this franchise is.
The game-makers just wanted to change/improve a bit too much on this aspect I guess. You now have a depot where every single line / way of transportation needs to start and end. But these depots are quiet large, so you will have to choose which building/park can go, in order for you to create a line. That is just weird, you don't see that in real life so why it's in the game then. They could have done this differently. They could have given us more open places or put the depots already in place. Now you need to eliminate the hotel or villa to put a depot there. That is not how it is done in the real world either. The heli's are gone in this installment but we have the trolly's instead of them. I don't know why we needed a mix between bus and tram but oh well never mind. That you can actually create a line know with time tables is a change I do like. In the first installment you had to do this on what you see. Which I did fair enough in my own eyes. But now with the time tables it's easier. And the fact that you still need to decide which vehicle you want, based upon specifications of that vehicle is also good. One more down side, the way you can see which area you have covered is changed as well. And how you can see which people live/work/relax where is also adjusted. The last one was necessary, the first one wasn't. And you can't seem to disable which range a certain stop has on the city. This makes it even more complicated because of the free-zoom/rotate function.

To take it to a nut shell. The idea of a sequel was good, but the way they published it ain't that good. It has some good changes, your free to choose where the tram track will be placed upon the road now. And the time tables are a relieve. But the rest of the changes could have been better or weren't needed.............

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