Review | Cities in Motion

After I played the demo of this game I was quiet hooked on this game. It has been quiet a while since there was a low-budget tycoon game like this. This game can be put on a CD for gods sake. How creepy is that, in times of Dual-Layer DVD's ! Eitherway you are running the Public Transport for 4 different locations (in a timeline of 100 years). And besides that you have the option to make a city of your own. Dive into the Sandbox with even more objectives and more. The game is quiet deep as well. You can dig into the whole financial system of Public Transport. Raise the tickets for all types of transport. The prices will light up green when people are happy to pay it. And will turn white when they don't like it that much. The same goes for your employers, a smile when they are happy @ work and with there salary and a neutral or even sad face when they don't like it.
The objectives are quiet unique. Offcourse you will see quiet often tasks like: add a line from A towards B. But besides that you will get the end of a campaign-task mission along the way. And funding for this as well if you good. The figures you receive upon completion are quiet high. But so will be your spending. You have to watch the economy of the city your hosting in quiet often. If you don't do this your cash will reach bottom-line quiet soon. Very handy is the yearly overview you will get after each year. Here you will be albe to see how you did. And not only on income but also how much people you have transported. What your rating is in the city council and what people think of your service. All of this is quiet important.

But if you think this game is easy, you are wrong. Because it is that deep you will be overwelmed with information. Try to see trough this tough, I had the same issue when I booted the first mission in the campaign: Berlin. I thought let's build, build, build. But that's not the way to go. You need to get familliar with the surrounding first. What is already there, what can you use, what are the costs, how is the situation now / does it need improvement. From there you can accept the first objective (you need to do this before you will get any new objectives). However you don't need to follow the objectives alone. You can also go your own way, but keep in mind you will miss out on rewards !

Then now the "- points": sometimes the objectives aren't in sync with what you do. For example on your first mission in Berlin you need to connect 3 bus lines together. But you can achieve the objective already when you connect two lines together. Others are quite fast reached because of the lines you already have layed down. Sometimes your budget will disappear quiet fast again, so you may wonder if you got your reward from the last objective. The objective system could use some work eitherway. You can accept or reject an objective. But once accepted you can't cancel it. And you can't view the reward / goal before you accept an objective. The graphics are quiet low, none the less you can tell what is what. The research department for extra type of 'stops' or transportation is an automatic process. And you can't pay back a loan you took, before the end of the agreement.

None the less for 20 euro's it's a good and diverse game. You need to have some experience with tycoon games tough (all be it: Railroad Tycoon 2).

Out now: PC | Paradox Interactive, Colossal Order