Review | Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances

The game was already out for quite a while. But I received my beta/launch key a bit late. So I played for a couple of weeks/months. And now I've come to a verdict... The game is free to play for most of the time. But EA really needs to stop misleading players. If you are familliar with EA, you know there tricks. But if your new to there titles. And hunting for the casual/free games, then pass on this one. Because if you really want to make it in this game, instead of get stuck into one place, and beaten by others. You are somewhat forced to make transactions. To get better stuff. Battlefield 3, Battlefield Heroes... it are games which are a good example of the technique that EA uses.

But the game then. (If you leave all the tricks from EA out of it). It's the typical C&C, and even with the whole defense strategy back in place. Because this is a web based game, played in Google Chrome or Firefox, you won't need a huge computer either. Which is most of the time not the case when you played earlier parts of this franchise. The thing that is new to C&C for this title is the whole social/clan thing. If you think you can play this game solo your wrong! You still could do so, but then you are getting owned hard. And you will take longer to master the game. It isn't a game you can complete 100%, so people who are trying this game out with that goal in mind should stop playing. This game can go on for an endless time. It's more or less the World of Warcraft for EA this title. And with even another C&C coming up with basicly the same idear this kind of gaming could be big for EA and C&C fans. Why do I bring C&C fans into this ? Well they have there familliar units, buildings and background story. The story isn't that huge, but clans could make it bigger. And are part of that story just as well.

So is it any good ? Well if you are with a clan, in the right world, with a good tactic: YES. If you are alone/a soldier for hire, or you have a clan that isn't that good or hard on you: NO. I had the misfortune to have both. Because I was playing in 2 worlds. And so you get 2 different outcomes. Besides I was playing in one world with the GDI and in the other with NOD. The alien faction is not that nice in some worlds as well. So you will get frustrated at times, unless you are in a clan that is always online, and you counter the enemies all together... The resource mechanic is not that good tough. You will get a couple of fields (that won't deplete at all). An base building that is deciding if you can build more (and not the Powerplants or your level). And heli's and such who don't land on the airport... Thankfully there are POI's which gives your whole clan more tiberium or better attack points for a certain type of units. The achievements in the game are for the players who do like the EA tricks. Because no one with a free-to-play mind will reach them any time soon. True the first couple of achievements will be manageable but the later ones not. If your base is destroyed you can start over in a different part on the world. And so on...

Overall the game is a solid C&C. But I will wait for the other C&C. Which comes lateron this year. And o'course I will play the older ones from time to time...

Already on: PC | Electronic Arts, EA Phenomic