Ace Wilder | Busy Doin' Nothin'

Years ago we had a chart-show that kept us posted on national charts across the border. So we got the number 3 till 1 from the USA, Ukraine, Russia, Japan, etc. That chart-show is however dead for already a couple of years. This weekend however that chart-overview came back in a different program. A pop quiz that is on national television since a couple of weeks. Since this weekend they have also a look in the music kitchen of other country's. This first time it was Sweden. And that had one song in particulair that was nice. Above is the result: Ace Wilder. She came in 2nd place on the local Melodifestivalen (this year). That show is sending there number 1 to the Eurovision Song Contest. The difference was 2 points between Ace and her competitor Nielsen. In May we can see this artist on the Eurovision podium. But for now: We will be busy doing nothing at all... :D