Review | Burnout Crash!

Okay I admit, at first I didn't see this working for any gamer who has played or didnt play Burnout before. I have played Burnout since Takedown on the Playstation. And Burnout Paradise the Ultimatebox was an installment of the game that I have played like: a-lot ! But when I saw the first couple of teasers and trailers of this installment I thought, no way this is going to be huge. Well since last weekend I think different. For and XBLA or PSN game this is good and solid fun. For 800 microsoft points in this case it is good quality ! You have 6 levels with each 3 intersections and each intersection with 3 crash modes. Road Trip, Pile Up and Rush Hour. At first you think why is this so hard. But after a couple of minutes you are smiling on the couch ! Every event you are playing will have 3 features to raise your amount of money you crash... Thunder, snow, twisters, UFO... But also pizza delivery's, good cops and bad cops. And much more. Just play this game. It's worth it. Personally I hope this installment will also release it's self on PC.

Out now: PSN.XBLA | Electronic Arts, Criterion Games