Preview | Bulletstorm

I already played the demo for this game on the Xbox 360 a while back. (Where it has been released at the end of february). And now it was time to play the same demo on the PC... People Can Fly stands for hillarious / good action in shooter land. Painkiller, the game from 2004 had some hillarious weapons and showed some old fashioned shooter style. Grab your weapons, ammo and enter the level without fear. Kill everything you will face and leave the level / game satisfied ! With Bulletstorm, a game that EA will release (appearently they find People Can Fly good enough), they hope to get the same amount of fans as for Painkiller.

The game has the same hillarious / action level as Painkiller. But instead of total darkness the game has more comparison with Bioshock, full of color (enviorment and enemy's). The weapons are sick and over the top, and have an alternative fire power (also a common thing from Painkiller and other shooters with the same vibe: Bioshock). Besides that you deserve achievements / points with making some nice combo's and skillfull killing. It's even the oneliner from the game: Kill with Skill ! You can grab the monsters with a leash, pull them towards you and then shoot them in certain body parts or even brake there body with kicking them. And then they can end up on the edge of a cliff and fall deep in doom, fall in an electric trap, grinder etc... Overall the game is brainless shooting in a wide diversity of colored surrounding (in and outside). Graphics that are comparable to Bioshock (Unreal Engine). Weapons with huge amount of ammo. Enemy's in different shapes / forms.

Already on: PS3.X360, Out now: PC | EA, People Can Fly