Review | Braid
For the first time in months / years gamers can be happy with a simple 2D platform-puzzle game. Braid has some stuff from the old Commander Keen / Pitfall the Mayan Adventure, included with some time elements from Blinx the Time Sweeper. And after (or in between) every level you may puzzle the pieces you've collected together. The demo I've played 2 weeks ago had already much of the game included. And so you must consider for yourself if you find this game worth it or not (to play any further).
The game has some really brain-cracking puzzles in it. This is most of the time due to the extra power they give besides reversing time. Or because of the power that they have linked on reversing the time. Sometimes it is really difficult. And sometimes you will need to really use the surrounding to finish up with all the pieces in hand... It's hard to do a review about this game, when you are not trough with the game yourself but I don't want to spoil the solutions as well.
So if you are a puzzle gamer (/ casual gamer) you may like this game. It doesn't require much of your sysem, in case of the pc owners. So feel free to play the demo or buy directly the 'full' version of the game. But beware that you are going to find some Super Mario comparasations.

Out now: PC, Already on: X360 | Number None Inc., Number None Inc.