Preview | Braid
In august of 2008 this game already made his way towards the Xbox 360 (on XBLA). I saw it for a couple of minutes and I thought: why isn't this game also on the pc. Couple of minutes / hours later and I realise that this game was coming for the PC as well. So I've waited and now my patience pays off. In the form of the PC version from Braid.
First world that you get is an introduction to the system and the world (mainly because of the art style it's using I guess). And don't let us deny it. It is a great looking game. It doesn't ask too much. It's childhood friendly (so girls can play it as well). And it's a puzzle game with a nice touch off turning back time from time to time.
The game instantly remind me off the Mario and Sonic games, due to the fact how you beed your enemies that you have in this game. The puzzle feature is something from Rayman / Pitfall I guess. And overall the demo is amusing. It's also quite a long demo, you get to play trough 4 different worlds and one more world will be opened for you as pusher, to go for the full version of the game. Although you can't grab everything just jet in the demo, the demo is letting you show most of the essence that is in the game. And that's something that most game designers / developers can learn from. (WOW I DIDN'T EVEN MENTION EA IN THIS LAST PIECE...)

Out now: PC, Already on: X360 | Number None Inc., Number None Inc.