Preview | BattleForge
Unfortantly for EA, they have worked and published a game that is not very good ! The game get's an 6.6 on IGN. And Gametrailers didn't even review the game ;) It even get's an evarage press rating of 7.7 ! I've played the demo, and that was basicly enough for me to know what the game was like. Thanks EA for letting us play a demo first, because now we know that you still can make bad games... Sorry to be so annoing but I am telling you the truth ! But it's not all that bad if I am compleetly honoust. The units are diverse, the battlefields are diverse as well. And the game is overall 50/50 in AI balance. (So it will not be C&C frustration). But I hate the whole milkcow process that EA is handling lately. They do it with Command & Conquer. They have already did it with the Sims. And now they have a new milkcow in the form of BattleForge player decks... So if you have rich parents this is a game for you. If you don't have them but you like Yu-Gi-Oh, go and rob some things. And if you are like me, you will stick to the demo (maybe) and that's it for BattleForge...

Out now: PC | Electronic Arts, EA Phenomic